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Hello! I'm Libby

CEO, Wife, & Mentor.

I teach entrepreneurs how to work less by growing an online business with systems to scale.

I know what it feels like to struggle with marketing and time management to grow an online business. 

Only a couple of years ago I was right where you are.


Just like you, I wanted to become my own boss so I could travel the world with my family and not worry about money.

I worked multiple jobs and felt burnt out from working 70+ hour weeks. I had high debt from graduate school. 

One day I shared my knowledge online and I saw the beauty of selling digital products. Within 6 months of launching my first online course I replaced my 9-5 earnings and went full time as an online business owner.

I have been educating clients since 2018 by helping them build business skills to gain time freedom and become your own boss.


I believe that 

The traditional 40 hour work week is outdated.

And have spent the last 5 years helping over 1000  entrepreneurs just like you to achieve time freedom creating a lifestyle business. Meaning, a business that supports your lifestyle.

When you set up systems in your business you won't need to work 40+ hours a week.

Why I do it

Building a lifestyle business requires a unique growth path.

There are not robust resources on how to create a lifestyle business. Meaning, what does it look like to build a business that you don't want to sell?

I learned step by step through years of trail and error and created a framework to show you how to progress through the stages of business for a lifestyle business.

My framework is trademarked and has supported over 1000 clients.

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Fun facts


It's my 5th year teaching online business 


I manage multiple businesses & love the challenge of entrepreneurship


For almost 10 years I worked as a personal trainer


I completed my masters degree from New York University


I lived with a host family in Costa Rica for a summer