My consulting services for established business owners include:

Building a Solid Foundation:

  • You must decide on a niche market. You must be clear on what service you are offering.

  • Identify target audience/market, and be clear about who you are serving.

  • Create content online that solves your target audiences biggest problems and pain points.


  • We work together using my proven framework for 1:1 support, email follow ups, and weekly SMART goal setting to build your foundation.

    • We work together to critically evaluate what work needs to be done to solidify your niche and test your market.

    • We evaluate your target audience and develop clear pain points which help you create greater impact and engagement.


Relationship Building:

  • Collaborate within your niche and target market

    • We will work together to find innovative methods to expand your audience and message such as pitching to be a guest on someones podcast, Instagram live or youtube video(s).

    • Develop relationships with targeted leads and motivate them to take action

  • Continuously develop market research to appeal and adapt to your target markets demands by doing surveys, webinars, and being active in Facebook groups.


  • After we have laid the foundation and identified your niche and target audience we work to find opportunities on social media where you can collaborate with like minded professionals to extend your market reach.

  • We work together to find relevant opportunities to expand your message and solve your ideal clients biggest problems .

  • We develop quarterly and weekly goals that I will check back on from you regularly. Our goals will provide external accountability and inspire you to work more productivity, efficiency and also build more meaningful relationships which helps expand your brand message and increase your email list and opportunities such as speaking (exposure) and products and services (selling).


Strategy and Framework:

  • After determining your niche, audience etc, I will provide you with a customize framework for lead generation to create strong calls to action, landing pages that convert and allows you to form a clear and customized offer for your ideal client.

  • Use statistics to drive productivity, resources and patterns.

    • Develop regular ‘call to action’ strategies that convert.

  • Monitor, report and optimize your your content.

    • Continue to repeat what works and eliminate what isn't gaining traction. .


  • I help you grow your email list by creating content that solves your ideal clients biggest problems.

  • Together we strategize landing pages and opt ins that bring you organic leads.

  • How to nurture and engage audience via social media and email list.



  • I believe in setting smart goals every quarter.

    • Smart goals are:

      • S: specific

      • M: measurable

      • A: actionable

      • R: relevant

      • T: time bound

  • I believe that when the foundation and strategy is set in place and customized to attract the ideal client then results will come.


  • We set weekly and quarterly goals to keep you on track with setting up systems in your business. We use an excel sheet to list goals and dates and we reference this on a regular basis to track progress.

  • At the beginning of the week: Every monday you send me up to 3 SMART goals. I will email back your goal if it’s not time bound, or if it doesn't fit our strategy.

  • At the end of the week (Fri-Sun):  you are responsible for emailing me back a weekly win which is a reflection of setting your SMART goals. My most successful clients send me weekly SMART goals; I ensure that they create and complete their SMART goals).


Outcome: create such clear and engaging content that brands come to you.