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Libby Rothschild

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Libby Rothschild has served as a leader in the health and wellness field for over a decade—with her first career as a personal trainer and now a registered dietitian (RD). Libby received her graduate degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University; during her time she researched food systems and cultural relationships to food both internationally and nationally. Her research included adaptation of food systems in post-Katrina New Orleans; edible education in northern California; and food entertainment culture in Hong Kong. Libby's passion for local and global research was recognized among scholars who nominated her as an international tutor for clinical nutrition research with the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Scholars program. 


Since completion of graduate school Libby has worked as an Inpatient Clinical Dietitian, Chief Clinical Dietitian for an acute care and long term care nursing home, and finally an Outpatient Nutrition Coordinator for Bronx Lebanon in the South Bronx.


At Bronx Lebanon Hospital Libby works as a clinical registered dietitian in fields with highly food insecure patient populations including: pediatrics, women’s health, and adult oncology. Libby works at multiple hospital sites- and is involved with an adolescent interdisciplinary obesity program called "Healthy Start." 


Libby remains enthusiastic about representing nutrition on a large scale; her true passion is teaching and educating both staff and the community about nutrition from a systemic standpoint. Libby develops and teaches regular lectures for medical students, dental residents, and pediatric residents including developing a curriculum for pediatric residents which addresses the nutrition-related American Board Pediatrics objectives. She has seen a positive impact of regulating nutrition education and serves as a consultant, lecturer, and content developer to support increased nutrition education awareness both among the community and within standardized medical practices.