1:1 Virtual Coaching: Instagram and Business Growth

Libby Rothschild, Registered Dietitian, Coach

Are you ready to increase traffic to your social media and set up systems to monetize?

My clients 5X their followers, double their clients and land on the explorer page after working with me. I consult female owned businesses, and I coach female entrepreneurs 1:1 (you must apply).

What to expect working with me:

  1. Constructive criticism (When you hire me expect for realistic feedback. If I’m not honest with you , who will be?)

  2. Honesty (I will tell you how to improve your content. My style will analyze every action you take online)

  3. Goal setting and accountability (Weekly SMART goals, email check-ins, 1:1 calls, masterminds and office hours)

  4. Results (We will analyze your insights and stats together and make adjustment according to your customized strategy)

  5. Confidence (My clients FEEL empowered setting up systems and decreasing frustration)

What I expect working with you:

  1. Time commitment (at least 5 hours per week from you ((*the more the better))

  2. Working efficiently (we will work together to teach you productivity methods such as working smarter, not harder)

  3. Charts, excel sheets and any form for analyzing data (If it wasn’t measured it didn’t happen. Recording data, stats and insights is a requirement to work with me and you must log this regularly).

  4. Positive attitude (Attitude > skill, every time)

  5. Abundance mindset (You might feel that you lack confidence at this moment, but my style is of an abundance mindset; we are a better fit if you agree with this philosophy).

I’ll teach you how to build revenue and impact.

As a dietitian, I manage multiple steams of reoccurring revenue including passive and active. I teach female entrepreneurs and nutrition professionals how to translate these skills in their businesses. 

I’ve successfully impacted dozens of high achieving entrepreneurs and business owners. I help you 5X organic traffic, convert leads into customers, create content for Instagram that lands on the explorer page and supports your overall business focus.

“What if I’m new and I don’t have a niche/focus?” I help you establish a niche.

“What if I’m established and I want to create passive income and learn how to use social media?” I help you create and market passive income via Instagram content strategies.

“What if I don’t want to do the work, but I want to hire YOU to do it for me?” I consult for business and I will do the work for you. Projects start at $2k.

If you are not an action taker, you don’t want results nor will you commit to putting in the work then we are not a good match. If you are unsure please don’t apply. I only want to work with you if you’re willing to take massive action. My brand focuses on results.

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