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Are you looking to feel confident in your business?

Have you ever thought:

“I want to make money from a digital product, but I don’t know where to start.”

“I want to sell to my customers/clients but I don’t know how.”

“I want to get clients online but I don't know how?”

My signature program can direct you with accountability, focus, and consistency. We work closely together to develop and/or strengthen your online content and sales strategy.


I work 1:1 with a limited number of Wellness professionals, who are seeking to gain clarity with their message online, use social media to their advantage and/or increase clients or create digital products.

Wellness professionals work with me 1:1 to:

  • Niche down and focus your message

  • Create content that attracts your ideal client (organic lead generation)

  • Increase income via sales (digital products and/or services)

BONUS: Clients also get lifetime access to my course “Beat the Algorithm” to help you increase organic following and engagement! 


This program is for wellness professionals who want to:

  • Set and achieve weekly and quarterly goals

  • Receive constructive criticism and make adjustments to their work

  • Consistently take action in their business

  • Believe in a growth mindset

This program is NOT for wellness professionals who:

  • Do not currently have the time, energy, or focus to take consistent action in their business

  • Refuse to prioritize their business

  • Aren't open to new growth strategies, accountability, or individual support

  • Have invested in other courses or 1:1 but didn't implement strategies


“Working with Libby was the best decision, I can’t believe my mindset before I met you vs now! Working with Libby has been so helpful for growing my business. I’ve been looking for a business coach, but I just wasn’t ready to invest in anyone until I met Libby. We chatted on the phone and I felt like she really understood my goals and had the knowledge and experience necessary to get me there. It’s only been a month, and I’ve learned so much on how to utilize instagram and optimize my website by niching down. It was so scary to niche down but I trusted her and it was so worth it!!! I’ve only posted 6 posts on instagram and I already have 8 new leads, 4 new clients  and over 200 more followers who are relevant to my niche!!”

– Tallene Hacatoryan, M.S., R.D, @pcos.weightloss

“I have worked with Libby for over 3 months now and I can say it is one of the best business decisions I've made. Prior to working with Libby I was hustling hard but felt stuck. I wasn't growing as fast as I would like to and felt scattered. Working with Libby has helped me think critically as to what I want to accomplish and the best ways to reach my business goals. Libby has helped me get clear on my intention for my business as well as what my message is, and has worked with me to align my business strategy accordingly. Within 3 months of working with Libby I've gotten clear and consistent with my message and niche and have tripled my Instagram following as well as significantly increased my social media engagement and interest in my services. In addition, I've increased my email list by 80%! Libby is not only a fantastic business coach who keeps you accountable, gives tangible advice, and strategic insights - she's also your cheerleader and friend.”
– Rachel Goodman,


What is included during these 12 weeks:


Weekly S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

Every Monday, I expect you to reply back and set at least one, but no more than three weekly SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. I expect you to evaluate last week’s SMART goal and define your progress. Did you reach your previous week's SMART goal? What did you learn so you can adjust this coming week’s SMART goal? I will expect you to document this briefly in an email.

Good Example: I will create 4-5 Instagram posts that follow the Beat the Algorithm methodology by Sunday afternoon and email them to you for review before posting.

Bad Example: I will post 4-5 times per week. (lacking specificity)


Monthly Strategy Calls

First month’s call: Setting your overall goal(s) (no more than two) during your time in the program together and discussing framework

Second month’s call: Fine tuning framework for your strategy

Third month’s call: Evaluating set backs in the strategy and any shifts in your goals. Discussing next steps with an action plan.

You must book your call a month in advance. Calls are either held via Zoom video, or phone (you choose). I do have a 12 hour cancellation policy, and if competitive slots are filled when you need to reschedule, I will keep two weekend slots open per month with limited hours.


Weekly Content Pieces

Maximum 3 content emails will be reviewed per week. Any revision of a content piece counts as a second review. I will respond back to your email within 48 hours during business days (excluding National Holidays), unless otherwise specified.

One content piece (per week) includes:

  • Maximum of 5 Instagram posts (sent in the same upload)

  • Maximum of 5 captions to review (sent in the same upload)

  • Maximum of 5 Instagram posts with 5 captions (send in the same upload)

  • 1 page from your website that needs revision (i.e. bio or services page)

  • 1 lead magnet

  • 1 module from your online course (send in one upload)

  • Evaluation from stats of previous week from social media (send in one upload)

  • Any revision or feedback of any above item (1-7)


(Optional) Biweekly Masterminds

Masterminds are held over zoom video chat for one hour.

Masterminds will be hosted by me or a Program Graduate and you will be placed in a group, along with 3-4 other clients. Masterminds are biweekly and intended to  provide support, community and additional accountability to help you exceed your goals and move forward in your business as a team.

All Mastermind groups come with a private Facebook group managed by the Mastermind Facilitator.

When you graduate from my program with an A+, you are offered a side hustle that can turn into a full time job. In order to scale my business, I have a team work with me to manage my students. This team includes past students of my signature program, who have exceeded their SMART goals and followed the rules and guidelines of my program.

I only accept clients who are willing to put in the work. My ideal client will get a return back on their investment; you must put in the work consistently and avoid victim or excuse mentality.

You will get the best results when you attend monthly calls, stay consistent with accountability check-ins via email, set weekly goals, and evaluate your goals weekly.


“You have been amazing! You always have amazing ideas and respond so quickly. Since working with you, I have learned how to niche down, and that it's okay to change my niche after already choosing another (which I did and am much happier). I am building my brand and I want that to reflect in my content and engagement. I have also learned what works with IG, and have seen it firsthand, through my own posts and insights. I understand what my captions should consist of, as well as the type of content my followers and potential clients want to see. You have also helped me pitch my services and overall give me confidence in myself and my work. I would definitely recommend your business coaching services to others! You have been amazing!”

– Jackie Robertson, RDN, METS, @enrgperformance

“Working with Libby for the past 3 months has been an amazing eye-opening journey that helped me identify key problems in my business and personal brand. Libby is amazing at listening to your needs and helping you come up with realistic yet challenging goals to really establish yourself within your niche. She is always available for questions and will provide meaningful and honest feedback on the ares she feels are most important to improve. Her calls are insights and full of “AHA” moments that will help you see your brand with a different perspective, ultimately helping you succeed. Libby helped me develop strategies to grow my email subscriber list by 60%, Instagram followers by 12% and Instagram engagement by 0.5%.I would not hesitate to recommend her and her coaching services for RDs.”

– Andres Ayesa, IG: @vivenutrition


Get started for only three monthly payments of $498,
or $1494 for three months.